Welcome to Colombia / Bienvenido a Colombia



Colombia is one of the most magnificent countries in South America. It is situated in the extreme North West corner of South America and covers an area equivalent to France, Spain and Portugal and is the fourth-largest country in South America. It boasts spectacular landscapes; from the stunning coastline that embraces both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the vibrant cities and traditional rural cultures.Travellers to this amazing country enjoy diverse climate, 55 National Parks, coastline on two oceans, rain forest, mountain, rivers, deserts, big cities and an incredible biodiversity. However Colombia’s biggest asset is its people who are known for their hospitality and warmth!

Bogotá, the capital city, offers a unique experience to its visitors. Prepare to find a balance between the new and the old; the peaceful and the bustle. Encounter century-old plazas and churches shadowed by towering skycrapers. Explore over 80 museums in the city: fine arts museums, contemporary and modern art, religious art, history, museums of archaeology, science and technology and many others. Or find peaceful treelined bicycle routes cut through by wild-traffic avenues. Bogota is a city with many layers.

Amongst the main City’s tourist attractions are: The Museum of Gold which boasts 34.000 pre-Colombians pieces, The Botero Museum which sports 123 his works including some by Picasso, Monet, Renoir, The Candelaria; the ancient colonial area of the city with wonderful houses and small, colourful buildings. The Cerro de Monserrate; 3152 m above sea level and the perfect location to enjoy the best panorama of the city. Zipaquira; home to the famous salt cathedral carved inside a salt mine, 50 km away from the city. The Guatavita Lagoon; the legendary lake connected with the El Dorado myth.

Cartagena de Indias is Colombia’s main tourist destination and is located in the north east facing the Caribbean Sea. It is not only listed as a world heritage site outstanding colonial architecture but also has one of the most beautiful bays in America and is surrounded by islands, swamps and lagoons. The colonial city, which was founded in 1533, is now an important scuba-diving centre and boasts extensive coral reefs along its coast.

The Coffee Region of Colombia is where the best mild coffee in the world is grown! Located in the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes three cities make up the region: Manizales, Armenia and Pereira.The upgrading of traditional haciendas for quality lodging has seen the Coffee Region become the first rural tourist destination in Latin America. Visitors will find luxurious suites, theme parks, golf courses, extreme sports, beautiful locations and, of course, coffee in all stages of the production process.

COLOMBIA, the only risk is wanting to stay.