Welcome to Paraguay / Bienvenido a Paraguay



Paraguay, the heart of South America, is a landlocked country. It borders on the Northern side with Bolivia and Brazil, on the Eastern side with Brazil and Argentina, on the Southern side with Argentina, and on the Western side with Bolivia and Argentina. The average Summer temperature is between 25ºC and 35ºC while the average Winter temperatures is between 10ºC and 20ºC.

Although Paraguay is landlocked, the country is watered by numerous rivers, streams, and lakes, which are all part of the La Plata River Basin. The Guaraní Aquifer, considered one of the biggest fresh water reserves on the planet, flows underground. The Paraguay and the Paraná Rivers, which are the main waterways, are evoked in traditional music and poetry.

Asunción, the Capital City with a population of 600.000, offers the profile of a cosmopolitan city with a warm atmosphere. With wide avenues covered by numerous species of trees that bloom during every season of the year, Asunción boasts modern hotels, shopping malls, and theatres alongside more traditional and historic architecture.

Other important Cities include Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, and Pedro Juan Caballero, all of them on the borders with Argentina and Brazil, also with well-developed hotel infrastructure, nightlife, and natural beauty.